This dude know to walk the walk and talk the talk but they simply don’t know what the talk and walk is all about

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February 14, 2011 by Rupesh

This dude know to walk the walk and talk the talk but they simply don’t know what the talk and walk is all about

Some Mirage in which Chicken entrepreneurs like me love to believe before we wake up to disaster. It is better not to give any problem a momentary solution and suffer from the bigger disaster later on. So sharing it with you guys.

They know how to dress cooly, how to carry their laptops and their flashy iphones-blackberry -androids, what cars/bikes to talk about, where to be seen, with whom, In other words, they know the behaviour that projects themselves as ‘future zuckerberg’, but they have no clue as to what genius actually means. Most of the cool dudes I know wants to behave (read mimicry) as per their designation not act like one.

Let me narrate a story which I read long ago :

At an interview in fast-growing firm, Shyam selected a young man who showed all signs of having the talent and drive of a leader. The young man’s name was Papu. He came fresh from the right universities, he came with the right credentials and the right testimonies. He spoke with the right accent, and used the right techno words, and dressed the right way. He was fit to head the new e-business division.

1 year down the line, however, despite all the magnificent power point presentations and the impressive excel sheets that impressed the CEO, the actual work never happened. The market had just not responded. Papu knew how to talk business, but he did not know how to do business.

Shyam decided to study what Papu had done in the past one year. Shyam realized, he had stayed in the right hotels and moved about in the right car, but he had never really gone down to meet the vendors and the customers. He focused on ‘cool thinking’ but not on ‘ practical tactics’ – he loved white board brainstorming but not shop floor sweat. Shyam realized this was a False Zuckerberg – all imitation, no inspiration.

The False Zuckerberg is always good at mimicry. And a good mime can fool an audience. But ultimately the audience has to pay when it is unable to distinguish mimicry from the real thing. Shyam is learning this the hard way.
Here is the original story. I modified it to minus the mythology

Some Original food for thought :

Give Vs Get

I have closely seen ‘change’ in its true form in my last 2 – 3 years of work and I have also seen people (ranging from college mates to CEO ‘s ). I don’t know know what success is but I certainly understand factors which inhibit *one’s* growth. One Of them is ‘Give v/s Get’ . All of us are interested in what we get (99.999999%) or getting out of a task, a assignment, a job or life) but give very less importance to what we ‘Give’. Its like I am getting X Rs, X position, or X perks or I am contributing X hours or have spent X nights or have done X amount of labour, etc. etc. and I should return back on the same proportion. Why don’t we ask ourselves ‘Let’ Me give Y, Let me work on Y or Let me develop Y. Trust me if we change our working style we will ‘GET’ much more than what we desire to do so.


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