Listen, Learn and Grow


April 10, 2011 by Rupesh

See this video to understand in plan and simple words how important it is to Listen, learn and Grow.

I had the privliedge of visiting my friend Srini Swaminathan’s Teach for India’s class in Dharavi.

When we as privileged children or adults aren’t happy with our Levis’es, UCB’s and Allen Solly’s his cass children barely manages to get themselves a school uniform. When we throw away our Pizzas and Pastas on our dining table, his children barely manages to get a even a proper meal and when we sit in our AC offices and crib about petty facilities his classroom doesn’t even manages a continuos power supply for the one fan it has.

But, I can quote with confidence that  “I must have visited directly or indirectly 500 + schools but I can vouch that I havent seen a happier class before”

Srini's class

These are under priviledge children of Dharavi whose parents (Few Kids even don’t have them) are mostly domestic help. I was told that a year before most of these children were on verge of dropout, hardly 10 % could read alphabets, and almost all of them never dreamt of speaking english.

Ok, Let us see what has changed in 1 year,

The children now only communicates in English (howsever the sentence construction might be, still they try), all of them can write sentences and 30% of them can even read poems and stories.Yes, Its nothing short of a miracle and what is driving this change is nothing  short of Teaching genius.

I asked Srini Whats the Algo for this change. He simply said

  1. Accept the fact that their life is now your responsibility, so you will never be short of motivation
  2. Imbibe in students, that if they listen, they are going to learn and this learning will make them smart. Once Smart the children will be able to comprehend what is good and what is bad for them.
  3. Regularly and selflessly empower the students.

The 4-5 hours which I spent was nothing less then a nice break which taught me ‘How to live and excel even in difficult constraints. And, did i mention what a joy it was ! I have learned few things which will help me make a better CEO.

This blog is dedicated to Srini and other fellows and volunteers at Teach for India. Read Srini’s post at to reflect on this amazing journey.

They way Srini and other fellows and volunteers work in TFI requires courage and a big heart. Keep up Guys.

With Loads of Love and Luck

– Rupesh


One thought on “Listen, Learn and Grow

  1. Learning English is not difficult as long as you practice consistently.

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