I did warn you Kajal eyed girl


September 15, 2011 by Rupesh

Sharing a incident in a story format. Don’t kill me for my poor story writing skills. Treat me as a beginner. Have used a crude language, excuse me for that


I was pleased with myself for having concluded a constructive discussion with high profile Investment firm. I was also smiling as I had just unleashed (no drama, I do that) on a awesome buffet. People who know me can understand what happiness does a good meal bring to me

The guard at the suburban 5 star opened the gate for me to step out. Smiled at me. Did the usual salute. Whenever I am treated like this I feel nice like all of us do. Looked at my watch, was getting late to Office. People were waiting for me. Wow ! I am in demand. Full of air I walked towards my car.

Seeing this, All this happy smile turned into WTF in bold letters? Shit

What’s this now ? I am already getting late. What ? Did Someone locked my car ?  Why is this ugly Car Wheel Lock (Wheel Boot)  on my car? Why on the hell did I park my car here ? Now how do I get out of this trap ? Man ! How the fuck am I suppose to know that this is no parking zone ? There was no board, nothing to show it. I concluded that these buggers just want some money and waste my time.

Within seconds, all the good mood changed.

Looked around for some cop or Towing Vehicle ! No one around. Shit. Shit. I am getting late for Office for a meeting. People are gonna screw me. Spotted a Sweeper ? I shouted “Bhaiya…Bhaiya…Bhaiya”. The guy looked at me.. and conveniently ignored. Now whats this. Suddenly everyone seems to ignore me. Do I look like a idiot or something ? I later realized I called him Bhaiya and he was a maharashtrian. Glad, he didn’t mumbled at me or throw some stones. 

Do What now ? Keep Waiting… Is this what am I is supposed to do ? I told myself, ‘Dude, u are an idiot who has parked his car nonsensically ..even the sweeper is not responding to you.

Just then I saw a paper stuffed in my wiper. Thank God! I took out the paper. Oh ! Wow there was a mobile number scribbled. I called.. ‘ji, apne meri car lock kari hai ? Heavy Voice – Bolla.. me- “Sir, Sir… u locked my car.. Blue skoda”. cop : “Tu Kuthaye gella (Where did you go ?)” me : Sir : Hindi no Marathi.. Cop : “Skoda na” ? Cop : “Thamba (Wait) .. I am coming in 10 mins”. Thank God ! 10 mins and I am free.

I planned to cajole the cop like we folks usually do. Tell him sorry and settle (read bribe) the matter. Wait, am I gonna bribe ? What was that wise discussions on Anna Hazare then ? No Matter, come what may … I am not giving a bribe. Will take a receipt and say sorry like a decent fellow.  All planned and I was waiting for the cop to arrive.

A car passed by me.. A girl was driving. She and her friend gave a hi-five to each other looking at me. Whaaaat ? Were they laughing because they saw that ugly yellow tyre-locker and me standing besides it..They must have felt that boys like me deserve something like this….I Ignored.

10 mins passed by .. I saw the time i dialed. 10 mins had passed. Ok, I called again “Sir… Sir.. kab aayenge..(When would you come)” Cop : Rukko (Wait) 10 min” . Hang up. Gosh ! I cursed myself again. I really need to show some respect to traffic rules. will never park my car again responsibly. People who know me… knows that I always make such promises after every mistake I commit. However, after some time.. forget the same conveniently.

Btw, this a Honda stopped, parked just in front of my car. 3 gorgeous looking girls stepped out.. and went to the mall opposite the street. Gorgeous because one of them were wearing Blue Denim and White Shirt. The combination impresses me like anything. A girl in a crisp white shirt and blue denim with a sexy belt is someone to die for, no ?

What ? Didn’t they see my car being locked..? By virtue of my car being locked in same place, doesn’t that mean their car will be locked too ? I thought they may be some high profile people with connections. Making a Ass out of myself, I crossed the road.. shouted ‘excuse me’ ‘excuse me’ .. The girl gave me a look which had written on it ‘why are u bothering us’. I said “Hey, My car is locked as you can see.. your car too seems to be wrongly parked..Someone will lock your car too.. and tow it away”.   The girl in blue jeans – white shirt said ‘ nah…we usually park there, its seems to fine”. She had beautiful eyes. I have a liking for Kajal eyed girls. One of girls prompter her other  friend whose car it was, to park it properly. Barely mumbled ‘Thanks’ and walked away. Her friend agreed.

The girl crossed the road, observed her car and then…. and then came out words of prfound ‘Wisdom’ from the bimbette

” See here’s a board it has this arrow marking towards this end of road.. It means that after this board, u are free to park ur car..It seems that ur car is parked slightly behind this board.. Seems my car is parked fine.. anewayzz…thn… Infact I am sure my car is perfectly parked. Thanks Anewayzz”

haaain ? Kuch Bhi… Isn’t this board meant to a board showing ‘one way’ ? I looked at the board once again and thought.. May be I ll go home and see the boards in internet. No point arguing when in doubt. Did I  just make a ‘Moron’ of myself ?

A vehicle like this arrived

Came a Friendly Cop, I without wasting a minute said..”sir, 2 minutes ke liye gaya tha… I am a IIT staff.. I also Know Karat Sir your inspector very well”. Cop “ License ?” Huh !! Man. Handed Over my license. “Yeh koi park karne ki jagah hai.. aap toh Pade like lagta hai…” He went to demolish me further..” Aapne yeh jo naam liye .. is liye chod raha huun.. warna 300 rupiye fine leta”

What.. Rs 300 ? Why did I get insulted for Rs 300 ? Why on the earth did i try and even convince him ? I knew that I was wrong in parking the car there..still..Not willing to end the matter.. “sir, aap dekhiye.. itni sarri gaddi lag hui ha.. usme toh lock nahi lagaya.. mere me kyun ? Mein toh sirf 2 minutes ke liye gaya tha..”

Cop looked at me and then the Honda Parked ahead .. ‘Yusuf, isme bhi tyre lock lagwao aur parchi dallo”. I “Sir…”. Cop “Ab aap jaiye”

I smiled slyly and drove to my office. I somewhat didn’t mind loosing my  imp 30 minutes in all these.

Don’t blame me. I did warn you Kajal eyed girl ! 

– Rupesh

This post is for that Kajal Eyed girl. However, For years Sharmila Tagore have been my favorite.  Her Kajal eyes I am sure, was and will always be a poets delight. 


2 thoughts on “I did warn you Kajal eyed girl

  1. prabhav says:

    hahaha…. kajal eyed girl…. 🙂

  2. lol all the happiness would have been rediscovered when you saw their car getting locked … nice story

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