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April 25, 2012 by Rupesh


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InOpen is growing fast and we are in continuous need of smart people to join us in our happy and mad journey. So here I am posting on my personal blog openings at InOpen. We do crazy things in our startup and are changing the way Computers and other subjects are taught at school (taking baby steps). We turned 2 this year ! We are making a difference with 2.5 lakh (0.25 million) students directly through our products. Our work and progress is also quoted by media all throughout. And We [50 rockstars :)]  are very young. Average age out here is 25. We value commitment, laughter, creativity, Opinions (we respect your initiatives) and an essence that anything is possible. No matter what part of InOpen you join, you’ll be (always) building something big and new. You won’t simply be finding answers; you’ll be framing questions that no one has ever asked before and following that you would be identifying unprecedented opportunities. We welcome pioneers, in fact, we insist on them. We live by our rationale of thinking simple and adding value to the current work, justifying our tag …adding simplicity to sense.

People with diverse skill sets and backgrounds (we are not crazy about degrees), but with the same ‘sure-we-can’ attitude are welcome to write to me and you will hear back from me within 48 hours (yeah ! say hello).

Coming on board: · When you make it past the interview stage we’ll do a project together on contract (optional), typically lasting between 2-8 weeks, to see how we work together. When you join full-time, regardless of your position, you’ll do customer support (meeting schools, clients !!) for InOpen for your first two-three weeks. We believe this early connection with the people who use our products is irreplaceable.

Meeting up: · We get the whole company together once a year to brainstorm the broad strategy for the company for the coming months, and also just to hang out and enjoy the company of the people we work with all day. Team Meeting happen quite often. Meetups are fun too 🙂

Life:   How we deliver results is as important as the results themselves, for this InOpen has always collaborated productivity and happiness into work. Naturally, the passion that our team brings to their work extends from their own niche, and InOpen is committed in enabling a healthy balance between the two. To support this balance, flexible work arrangements are an integral part of the way we conduct business. The Company also offers many programs and resources to support employees including financial management, seminars, and workshops. We offer medical (for you and your family) and PF benefits as well. There are stock options for superstars. The office is contained with a bounteous amount of workspace, and meeting space. We love our team lunches and time spent together. The IIT Bombay environment (InOpen is incubated at SINE – IIT B incubation cell) itself has positively great impact on the grind and we can further say “creating ‘wow’ begins by saying ‘wow'”.

I am listing the positions open here. Click them to see the details:

  1. Faculty and Education Officers 
  2. Operations (Manager)
  3. Academic Operations (Education Development Managers)
  4. Content People (Instructional Designers, Copywriters)
  5. Accounts & Finance ( Sr. Manager Finance)
  6. Sales and Marketing (Regional Managers, Business Development Managers, and Key Account Managers)
  7. Executive Assistant to CEO

Did we mention that we have opened internship positions too ?

You can also apply by filling this form :

Love to hear from you guys. Feel free to repost this blog among your network

Why am I writing this on my personal Blog ? Because I feel this is one of the most important part of my job 🙂



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    Also mention contact no. for queries….

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