3 years of Craziness. Happy Anniversary to InOpen

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October 1, 2012 by Rupesh

InOpen Turns 3 Today. I am a very proud and a happy Man. I wrote this letter to my team. Happy to share with you.

The pic is the Opening Puja of InOpen's Office.

The pic is the Opening Puja of InOpen’s Office. 2009

My Best People,

Today is a big Day for InOpen. We have completed three years of our existence. 3 years, Phew !

We have not only managed to stay afloat but do great for Ourselves. I congratulate Us.

I was naive (still am) and had practically zero money with me when I came to Bombay three and half years ago. Some really good People supported us by giving their offices, funds, free services, mentorship and lotsa warmth to start InOpen. We owe a lot to them. However, We had plenty of passion and belief for Ourselves. That did the trick. This has been most important learning of my life till today. Businesses can be built on faith on Belief; Money and Other stuffs follow.

I never believed that World is an ugly place. All my life, I had a choice of Optimism and despair. I chose being Positive. I share the same thought with whoever seeks my advice. I always feel that we are in midst of an an adventure which has just begun. We need to just make it amazing everyday.

Our First School

Our First School

InOpen has a lot to be proud of. We are able to offer the best when it comes to teaching Computer Science in Schools. In last 3 years, We have managed to implement and positively influence almost a quarter of a million students. Thank You Everyone.

There’s no question that InOpen is in the midst of a major transitional period. The company is to raise Series A investment, launch Computer Masti e-book, a new and much better support system for our Content, and redefining customer experience all within the next 12 months. Understanding the need of students and schools will help us improve the school experience. And that awesome School experiences would clearly make money.

This I feel is a solid chance for InOpen to deliver some really interesting competitive products. All changes at InOpen is to put the customers first, allow us to move fast, and to get the stuff done. The outcome of these changes will be a happy and profitable InOpen! Much better equipped to innovate as fast as our customers and Education industry require. Only Excellence shall matter. Of course, there will be challenges. We will overcome them.

My Lovely Team

Team InOpen has always been a set of hardworking people, on a mission, and with a promise. I am proud of Each one of Us and I love you. I couldn’t have asked for more. I know that for some of us it’s impossible not to wake up excited about work; the chance to make a difference in the School Education is the greatest motivation We have. Lets continue to have the fun. As my co-founder Prof. Sridhar says we started the Computer Masti project and InOpen to be happy and enjoy the whole process.

I would like to just share one line advice from Bryan’s famous Coca Cola speech “Don’t use time or words carelessly. Neither can be retrieved”.

Steve Jobs motivates me a lot. I will sum up and share my learning from him in 3 sentences:

Find your Interest, follow it
Focus on Quality, everything else will follow
Stay Hungry – Stay Foolish

It’s a very exciting time to be at InOpen. An as they say ‘There is no finish line yet. So Love the Journey’

Happy 3rd Anniversary InOpen. Let the Party begin ! 

Gratefully yours,
CEO and Co-Founder – InOpen


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