Quarter Life Crisis !


October 15, 2012 by Rupesh

Turning 26 is scary for me !

I was happy being 22, then 23, 24 … and 25. I always feel it’s just great to be 25. I have had developed this strange notion that till 25 the world shall shield you, and all your mistakes are pardonable. Turning 26 today is freaking me out and so I thought to write down my thoughts.

I have turned 26. Suddenly Its not so cool anymore. Even the Press is like  ‘Oh you are 25 and CEO’.  No more now. I am just 4 years from being 30 and that’s like mid-life crisis. Its like ‘grand’ analyzation of your life has started.

The most annoying thing about the age is, well everything. Since yesterday I must have received 10’s calls from my relatives. They are more concerns and enthusiastic about my marriage than wishing me. The most common question. Why am I not getting Married ? For God Sake, I am just 26 and not 40 or something. I have stopped picking up calls from them. Its not rude, if you have 68 fucking first cousins.

But I am not feeling that great why ? There is a bucket list which I think every ordinary mortal like me has created. Like I wanted (and planned) to celebrate my quarter life crisis in Times Square with my college crush, drinking champagne from a big bottle and take a long walk in NYC …. and at the end of it propose her while we were gazing at stars at Hudson. Fancy Shit.

In past years the bucket list has kept on increasing. Most of the to-do’s by 25 are still either in-complete or not possible now. Like all Indians, I have shamelessly postponed it too. But what I have got (earned) is knowledge, experience and an awesome bunch of best people who keeps loving me inspite of my antics. This are somethings something which I am really proud of

My birthday. What makes this one so special anyway? Nothing in particular if you really think about it. This isn’t a birthday that I get to do something new or is the slightest bit significant in the book of all birthdays. In fact, I’m pretty sure that 26 is an age that one could skip and no one would even remember. Nor care.

Last 4 years of my life have been crazy for me since i graduated.

Research completed. Got graduated. Started Earning. Did a startup. Doing a startup. Did MBA in middle of chaos. and a lot more. So many stories to tell, that I can get a book published.

However, it is definitely one, for whatever reason, that really made me think about things. One that impacted me in a way no other birthday{thus far} has.

I have admired a lot of people. I have been inspired by people like Alexis Ohanian, Narayanan Murthy, Hrithik Roshan and Richard Branson. Richard is my HERO.

I would like to share my 2.6 cents of the 26 years I have lived. I am happy to share them with you. Nothing fancy but eventful. The intention is to inspire belief in average minds like me :

1. I feel that enthusiasm and passion is the only key to success.  A enthusiastic human being with good intent somehow manages to do good and land on the correct path. When I started in my college I didn’t knew that a word called start-up existed and till date I get spelling of entrepreneurship wrong.  Thanks to Auto correct

2. We all face problems. But I observe a common pattern. A ‘Big’ problem of the past becomes ordinary in the present. Similarly the ‘Big’ problem of today will become an ordinary issue tomorrow. Just Hang on !

2.6.  I failed and faced challenges. I am no super man but I just managed to stick. I failed a lot many times. Over the years my failures taught me to quickly analyze ‘best and worst case analysis’ . I do the worst case calculations quickly and realize that I don’t have anything to lose from this point but gain. I have been looked down, abused, laughed at and ridiculed for my dreams umpteen times. I have managed to do well till now and  will do great. Never  Doubted it. My critics continues to inspire me.

The biggest of the learning. Stay Calm. Move On

So to all the people who are still 25 years old, Go and rock the world.  I envy each of you.  All powers to you

Rupesh – 15/10/2012


One thought on “Quarter Life Crisis !

  1. Jharna says:

    Belated happy birthday! 🙂 Cheers to being 26!

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