Live Blogging from First Google Edu Summit in India by EdTech #gafesummit at American School of Bombay, Mumbai


December 1, 2012 by Rupesh

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IMG_2331It was fun with everyone. Spread this to as many as people you can. We will come back bigger, better and more powerful next year. #gafesummit. Please see this.

Day 2

  1. Ronald Joseph ‏@ronaldjoseph8 @WendyGorton Someday these will be Google Certified Teachers and Trainers maybe! Starting our session at
  2. Shirin Petit ‏@shirinpetit Expand the audience for their work to inspire students to Make it Better @rushtonh #gafesummit
  3. Mark Wagner, Ph.D. ‏@markwagner Presenting “Personal Learning Networks for Educators” to close the#gafesummit in Mumbai. Interested in joining by hangout in about 2 hours?
  4. Google Acquired Quickoffice for better and seamless Microsoft import docs .@suaneu updates.
  5. Google Tips from @suaneu Questions and answers with@wendykopp #gafesummit
  6. Robert Howe ‏@robintouch #gafesummit Twitter is free CPD every day. None of the negativeness or exclusive elitism of certain other online places@edintheclouds
  7. Sounds Familiar ! maureencullen ‏@maureencullen #gafesummit @wendygorton @suaneu Ask a Googler session…Windows parody of google glass video
  8. Neha Sahu ‏@nehasahu @computermasti uses @google applications to teach Computer Science in schools @inopen #gafesummit
  9. Neha Sahu ‏@nehasahu Teach to, don’t teach at. #gafesummit
  10. From the Google Apps Marketplace: General Audit Tool. Thanks to@itsmeJosephT @chennailady #gafesummit via Shirin Petit ‏@shirinpetit
  11. @rtareva @betsy_mac RT @ASBOnlineAcad@edintheclouds Google Sites course available at the ASB Academy #gafesummit via Linda Dimitrov ‏@ldimitrov
  12. Google’s 2011 Zeitgeist video shared by @rushtonh at the#gafesummit in India (puts it in a new context for us): … via @markwagner Super Emotional 2011. Goes without realising
  13. It really is something special to be in a place where the idea is to change the dynamic of how learning works @rushtonh #gafesummit via @mumbaimaggie
  14. Checking out World Wonders Project from @Google— love it! … #gafesummit via @

You can also visit Check out the gallery (updating it on the go). There is also an album here 


Day 1

  1. Wonderful K-12 resource. Combination of Khan Academy and core curriculum  #gafesummit @rushtonh
  2. Finding the Philosophy in Everyday Life: Existentialism by
  3. School web pages should be a mix of informational and navigational links. Some static, some dynamic @EdintheClouds #gafesummit via @mumbaimaggie
  4. Loving Mark Allen’s session on #GoogleSites Layout of a site is impt based on site analytics @EdintheClouds via @suaneu
  5. From @sbrownpeters Loving this workshop about flubaroo at #gafesummit. Gr8 for formative assessment & data collection.
  6. From @suaneu Kim, i love the idea of watching video with and without sound for different learnings @scubagirl812 #gafesummit
  7. Empower teachers – teach them how to Google efficiently. It’s a real winner. @rushtonh @inopen #gafesummit
  8. @scubagirk812 session on Edutainment – media in education – start using YouTube EDU if you’re not doing so already. Got it all! #gafesummit
  9. Building google Sites from Mark Allen #gafesummit Current Session
  10. Google Books makes sure @google makes all information accessible, even that in only hard copy books. @markwagner#gafesummit
  11. Google alert for me is a critical app to track a lot of serious things. Great workshop @markwegner #gafesummit
  12. If you don’t want to be bogged down by Google country results use  (no country redirect)
  13. Some cool tips for Google Advance search by @markwagner ! Helpful for beginners #gafesummit @inopen
  14. Google search workshop. Beginners to pro @markwagner
  15. Make things possible! Technology infused, Media infused, Information infused world we live in #gafesummit
  16. Empower teachers – teach them how to Google efficiently. It’s a real winner.#gafesummit
  17. Chck out  Wiki for everyone #gafesummit. It collaborates excellently with Google Docs.
  18. They have a video too …!
  19. We have now (Skype) for Education. They are in for some serious #gafesummit
  20. The way children (students) communicate through out the world  #gafesummit @inopen Issues anyone ?
  21. Project glass at the #gafesummit
  22. How to Use Google Gadgets to WOW Your Students  via @mikereading #gafe #gafesummit
  23. #gafesummit time! Awesome group of folks here in India! Time for @suaneu keynote, follow along
  24. Craig Johnson, superintendent of ASB, examines Google’s mission statement to compare to teaching and education. #gafesummit
  25. Suan Yeo, “Google is sort of an open source organization”. Interesting. Lines are being blurred about what is OSS, maybe?
  26. #gafesummit “We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.” ~Douglas Adams.
  27. Its amazing what kids can do when we don’t kill their creativity in the name of conformity #gafesummit
  28. #gafesummit 21st century teacher:teach with technology, don’t teach technology .
  29. That’s huge numbers . 20 million users for Google Apps for edu users.
  30. Open-ess is in our DNA @suaneu from @google #gafesummit
  31. This one will trigger some laugh. Sadly Schools still do it. Nice one @suaneu from @google
  32. Thoughtful Technology #gafesummit
  33. How do you use Technology in your classroom #gafesummit Plan Ahead
  34. OLPC works get a mention.They airdropped(yes) some android tablets in a village.amazing what tech can do #gafesummit
  35. Wow it resonates @computermasti and @inopen #gafesummit
  36. Seems familiar . Old schools give me a cheer #gafesummit @inopen things have changed a lot @suaneu from @GoogleMobile
  37. How we learn is very different from how students learn now #gafesummit @inopen
  38. Some google stats at #gafesummit by Suaeon @inopen
  39. @suaneu from @google starts with message from Nelson Mandela
  40. We have @suaneu at the stage. He represents Google education @inopen #gafesummit
  41. Mark acknowledges @inopen . Here we go #gafesummit
  42. Great is not good enough. Our kids deserved the best #gafesummit @inopen
  43. The need for education (or information) crosses discipline #gafesummit @inopen
  44. 14 nations are participating at the event. This is superb. We are proud partners #gafesummit
  45. We are at #gafesummit it’s so bright and brimming . We will be live blogging at the event
  46. To know more about the event log in at  #gafesummit
  47. Mark is on the stage #gafesummit the conference begins.   

I am updating it every half an hour. My first attempt to live blog too.

Thoughtful Technology. Love. Peace



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