Keep Calm. Be A Hypocrite.


December 29, 2012 by Rupesh

Keep Calm and Be a hypocrite.001

I am surprised that India is so shocked and grieved about the death of rape victim. Since when have we started empathising so much? or is it just plain simple convenience to express grief on social network bandwagon or otherwise ? its so easy, we don’t even need to shed our crocodile tears in front of the screen. So Fucking Brilliant.

I see my Twitter and FB timeline with words like ‘Braveheart’, ‘sad day’, ‘RIP’, ‘victim’, ‘sad day for India’ ‘Doom the Govt’,’Enough is Enough’ etc etc.

Oh C’monn you suddenly turned sensitive people ! We are just plain hypocrites. Plain fucking HYPOCRITES !! Calling us ‘just hypocrites’ is also an under fucking statement.

Top 4 Hypocricsm which confuses the hell out of me :

1. We worship (almost to eccentric’s level) and celebrate Female Goddesses. We say and preach that without ‘Saraswati (knowledge), Laxmi (Wealth) and Durga (Protection from Devil) one cannot live (and neither die), blah blah. When a girl child is born, we congratulate say ing’Ghar mein Laxmi aayi hai’. Wow, we rape and worship the same godess ? Wow. Keep Calm. Be A Hypocrite

2. We say in India Laws are not strong. But tell me one thing, if a policeman catches you doing wrong and takes you to the Police station. What will you do ? What would you do if you get a traffic ticket. Let me tell you. We will first fucking try to bribe the policeman. No Sir? You will, you fucking will. What happens to your fucked up law abiding citizenship. Convenience after all. Keep Calm. Be A Hypocrite

3. We say ‘brotherhood’, ‘Unity in Diversity’, ‘Uniting for a cause’, blah blah. I even saw emotion filled, heart wrenching student protest in India Gate. I got goose bumps to see that young girl willing to die before the bus. But please tell me one thing. Do you fucking care when someone is getting beaten in public ? or when we hear noises of a domestic violence ? or when when a jeep full of hooligans when they see a eve teasing ? Please tell me when was the last time you fucking care and moved your fucking Butt for this. we prefer discussing the first eve teasing with our boyfriends and girlfriends rather than hitting the bastard there and then. We prefer shouting at the police for arriving late but did we fucking care when he / she was getting thrashed right in front of your eyes..

Let me tell you a very inconvenient truth.  the government and our laws do not condone violence against women. The so called Society does. We do.

Cry India you fucking deserve that! Your hands are drenched with the blood of your own daughters. Keep Calm. Be Hypocrite

4. We say politicians are bastards ! Don’t we. We have movies which blast Politicians. Yes, Every politician is a Dog shit and all. Do we vote ? Of course No, Yes Yes, I am sure on that, we all will always have that task which through some universal conspiracy has landed on that day or god damm that sudden family urgency task or some fucking pending task which has to happen on that day itself. No ?

We don’t elect our leaders, so they don’t get bothered about our opinions. As fucking simple as it could get. Khap Panchayats, Patriarchal society believers stalk and keep Politicians on toe. So, Politicians also listen to them. Govt. reacted after 8 days only when protest hit India gate

That’s why vote bank politics exist and thats the only fuck Politicians care. So, Please don’t complain. First Fuck your Urbanism. So Keep Calm. Be Hypocrite

Also, Don’t we go crazy when we get to click a snap with the same politician in the airport/or some function. We fucking do. Stay Calm. Be a Hypocrite

Aren’t we all responsible for HER death? Can we all now do something so that half of humanity actually behave like Humans ? Aren’t you ashamed for being a part of this society.

I know, you would feel I am generalising and all that shit. I might. But, if the above has tinkered you a fucking bit, please stop becoming hypocrite, stop complaining, start DOING. Do it for your self. That I believe is the START required.

And, Please behave (don’t just preach) like a Human Being. Stop the double standards. Everything else will follow. It will. Start.

Change yourself. Be Sensitive.


I am angry. Pardon my language. 


One thought on “Keep Calm. Be A Hypocrite.

  1. Astha Arora says:

    That’s the way society is.. and will be… Rupesh u said when a girl is born people say “Ghar me lakshmi aayi hai”, but u r forgetting dusron ke gharon ki lakshmi par hamesha hi buri nazar rakhne walon ki kami nahi thi aur na hogi… There will be many more cases in future and nothing will change… no one can change…. because all are trying to change the society, change other… but what really is required to change your own self…

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