Engineers. Ha ha ha….How ?


September 15, 2013 by Rupesh


I am an Engineer like 1,234,567 others. Like others Engineers I too like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, then I will create my own problem. The problems that we create have long-term cyclic damages like India’s current Financial scenario. We take pride in the problems we create. To hell with lumberjacks who think country’s biggest problem is that people who are smart and creative and innovative as engineers went into Financial Engineering & Services (read mess it up).

Only an engineer can think of such an idea:


Even at the place I work non product functions like Finance, HR, PR, Sales, Operations are full of Engineers. I fail to understand why folks simply don’t understand that To B.E is not be B.E and B.Tech is nothing but prep. for MBA. That’s precisely the reason you never see girls running after plain engineering graduates ( metaphor which means An engineer so different that he didn’t opt for a MBA! )

All of us have heard the stupid glass thing (half full, empty shit). To the optimist, the glass is half full. To the pessimist, the glass is half empty. But To the engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be. Engineer simply don’t understand complications. We simply don’t like intensity of any kind and please spare us drama of every kind. Most times your computer is not responding as you expected – Engineers first try to find out if the “ERROR” is not sitting right next to the computer.

We engineers don’t remember (or give importance to) stupid things like names of our engineering subjects (I can humbly bet if any one of you can recall the subjects at one go), or getting your first exam back (after thinking you could study for it like you studied for tests in high school). However, We engineers get irritated when all of our family and friends suddenly require our advice on how to do anything remotely related to household repairs or math.

However, on a serious note, I am a lot worried. I am worried because I interview fresh engineers everyday and they tell me things which will embarrass a class 8 child. There is clear lack of clarity in their thought process. Worst they carry the tag of an ENGINEER.

I don’t know what or whom to blame hordes of shitty engineering colleges or the excitement to join a body-shop. I would like to share some advice (or my observations)

  1. Engineering is all about making you smart. Focus on just one thing: FIND YOUR INTEREST. I meet a lot of small town or city junta who are brilliant but are sadly low on self belief. Doing immediate MBA, joining ordinary jobs and switching jobs often are some of the common trait. Don’t know why but I feel that some one needs to constantly induce a belief that clarity of thoughts and patience should be discovered and practised at priority for one self.
  2. The Future belongs to curious. I feel that enthusiasm and passion are the only key. An enthusiastic human being with good intent somehow manages to do good and land on the correct path. When I started in my college I didn’t knew that a word called startup existed and till date I get spelling of entrepreneurship wrong.
  3. Practice and Develop Communication Skills – If problem solving is the primary skill engineering students must attain, strong communication skills is a very close second. Developing communication skills can be intimidating for the undergraduate engineering student, but practice is the best way to break through the fear, develop a style, and make it a personal strength. Remember Communication doesn’t mean conversing in English but comprehension abilities, critical thinking and clarity in what you speak.
  4. The way to Destination is more important than the Destination. My mentor during my college days told me one thing. “Rupesh, the place where we are is called the source, the place we want to go is called the destination. We all know that. What we don’t know, is the way from source to destination. Like for an engineering undergraduate, the destination can be that elusive JOB. We start preparing for job interviews and not develop skills. That is where we go wrong. We should focus only on the way (read fundamentals). Things like Fame, Job, Money and eventually happiness will get to you automatically. Just don’t make them your destinations.”

Have Fun guys. Remember this equation:


This equation allows the calculation of an instantaneous rate of change. Remember the answer is simple. Its that FUNDAMENTAL.


Rupesh (a proud engineer)

Ignore Typos. Posting from a cell phone. Image Credits (and some jokes too) to Google. 


One thought on “Engineers. Ha ha ha….How ?

  1. Shivam Atreya says:

    Hahahahaha, Rupesh sir reading something like this and remembring my past is my Idea of a perfecto weekend 😀

    Happy Engineers day man!!
    Tho I celebrated it in a different manner 😉

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