Sorry Flipkart ! What is wrong is wrong. Tale of Lies and bribes.


October 27, 2013 by Rupesh

Like a lot of people I too have largely limited my shopping to online. Likewise I too rely largely on Flipkart because it had been serving me well in terms of product delivery and quick customer service. Since last few occasions I see that their services are degrading from what their USP i.e awesome customer care. People seem to observe similar trends too.

Last month I ordered my regular fav perfume and what i got was a tampered packing and duplicate perfume (after 7 days) (Order Id : OD30924050225). I complained and the FK guys struggled to give me a response. They did offer me replacement but by then I had threw the bottle in dustbin. Duplicate perfumes are bad to health. I believe in being reasonable with the first mistakes. We all make mistakes and it is fine to commit few and forgive few. I told them to forget it and make sure they don’t do it again ever.

I did make some other purchases too post that till I recently ordered for Cannon EOS 650 d (for reference OD31023044613). I was planning to purchase one (between Cannon EOS 600d or nikon d 5100) so was checking at e-com websites as the prices were fluctuating a way too much. I came across Flipkart selling it for Rs 15650. I was surprised as market price is around 55,000. It seemed that Diwali sale is on as well as prices in FK had been fluctuating a lot in last few days. I purchased it immediately and it was scheduled for delivery on 1st Nov. I still double checked with customer care as the seller wasn’t W.S.Retail and had negative reviews. The customer care assured me that seller has the stock with him and special email has been sent to sellers to take utmost care. He told me (and it was funny) that reviews don’t matter much, so ignore them. I honestly told them about the price different with the market but the CC said that it was Diwali sale. I shared my experience about the duplicate perfume and they assured me that they won’t repeat it again.

Surprise, Surprise. This morning I was intimated that my order for Camera has been cancelled. The email from Flipkart (you didn’t even had a courtesy to call):

We’ve just been informed that Canon EOS 650D SLR (with Kit (EF S18-55 IS II)) in your order OD31023044613 is unavailable with the seller – Anveeshopping. As there is no clear date when the Seller will have it back in stock, we understand any further delay wouldn’t be ideal. So we’ve gone ahead and cancelled the item.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and disappointment caused to you as a result.

As a token of appreciation of your trust in us, we’ve additionally credited your Wallet with Rs. 1500.00 towards future purchases on This Wallet amount can be used for orders with Debit Cards, Net Banking and Credit Cards for items listed by the seller WS Retail.

Product Details Seller Details Cancelled Quantity Price/unit (Rs.)
Canon EOS 650D SLR (with Kit (EF S18-55 IS II)) Anveeshopping 1 15601.00

We have provided strong feedback to the Seller – Anveeshopping with regards to their service quality; we will also actively continue monitoring them for efficiency.

Please go to and place the order with one of our other sellers if you still wish to purchase the product. In case the item is ‘Out of Stock’, we suggest you click the ‘Notify Me’ button to be prompted by email when new stock is available.

Or you may also check our recommendations for similar products which are ‘In Stock’.

Why lie Flipkart ? Why are you behaving like a cheap shady company and not a 1.5 billion dollar worth organisation ?

I was informed by the Customer care over phone and email that product has been processed and the seller indeed has this product. Here is the email from their side:

Dear Rupesh,

Order Id: OD31023044613 

Item : Canon EOS 650D SLR (with Kit (EF S18-55 IS II))

We would like to inform you that your order is in the process of fulfillment.

The order would be delivered to you by November 01, 2013. Once the order is shipped, we will be sending you a shipping confirmation email with courier details using which you could track the status of the consignment.

We request for your patience and kind understanding in this regard.

Did I solve your problem? Please click here to let me know. Please write back to us should you have any other questions or need further assistance.

Regards, Geetheswar T, Customer Support, Response received from Seller: WS Retail

And here is why. Flipkart contradicted their own response in a matte of 1 hour, after I wrote to their team.

Look at the 2nd response :

Hi Rupesh,

Order ID : OD31023044613

Item : Canon EOS 650D SLR (with Kit (EF S18-55 IS II))

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Your order for the above mentioned product was cancelled due to incorrect price listing on the website. 

As a token of apology, we have issued Rs. 1500/- to your Flipkart wallet account which can be used for future purchase with the seller WS Retail. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated.

Did I solve your problem? Please click here to let me know. Please write back to us should you have any other questions or need further assistance.

Regards, Imranulla Baig, Customer Support, Response received from Seller: WS Retail

Here are my 5 questions to Flipkart:

1. You listed a product less than market price. It is not my mistake and very much your internal equation. Why lie to a Customer that a seller doesn’t have the product ? your prices have been fluctuating in such a volatile fashion. Does it mean you cancel and approve your orders based on your whims and fancies ? Does it mean that to show hike in sales in festive times, Flipkart approves and cancels their sales on their whims and fancies ?

2. Your promise to all the buyers is that all the products sold are new and genuine. Why then ship duplicate perfumes and not fulfil your promise ? Why promise if you can’t deliver ?

3. Why do you hire such incompetent customer care executives. Everyone has their own version. Is this your world class team for which you raise millions of dollars ?

4. I believe i ll be in your top 1-5 % customer base (please check your records). Is this the customer care you speak about ? Wasn’t Flipkart built on the customer satisfaction index initially and not TV and full page advertisement. Why are you killing it ? You try and bribe me with 1500 rupees for the cancellation. Is this your master plan ?

5. What if a product was of critical importance to the consumer and your cancelling could have created problems for him / her ?

I am CEO and Founder of one of the respected Indian Education startups. I understand high growth and problems arising out of it. Sometimes even our Business team do make certain commitments on haste. I too get angry but at the end of the day that is an internal equation. We honour our commitments and make sure customer is happy. And yes it comes with high cost but a clean conscience.

I am sorry Flipkart, You lost a loyal and a worthy customer who was also an evangelist.

I wasted 45 mins writing this post. Tch. Not that you care Mr. Bansal.


P.S : I hate going public with such issues. But my request for response from FK went unheard.

Looks like Flipkart is on to downward spiral. Check Flipkart’s FB page


15 thoughts on “Sorry Flipkart ! What is wrong is wrong. Tale of Lies and bribes.

  1. dharmarajan says:

    If the seller isn’t WS Retail, why are they replying on behalf of the actual seller?

  2. dharmarajan says:

    By the way – their customer support is now outsourced to Aditya Birla Minacs and is not 100% in house as it used to be. Expect things to get worse.

  3. srini says:

    “P.S : I hate going public with such issues. But my request for response from FK went unheard.” — If you hate doing this, I strongly suggest you move the consumer court!

  4. Bhuvanesh Khandelwal says:

    Its not the 1st time i m reading about shockingly degraded service from Flipkart
    It Did not happen to me yet, but I have already started refraining from flipkart……All initial respect is Lost
    They are in a sorry state…..will loose the customer base soon.

  5. Devaiah says:

    Hi , Convert this write up into complaint and file it before the District Consumer Forum in your area for Deficiency of Service from Flipkkart .. any further help you can contact me on

    Best Regards ,

  6. Rohan Saraf says:

    I think they also selling fake electronic goods. Recently got a lumia from Flipkart and the volume button just sunk in. A friend had got another lumia and its SD card slot is not working. Is it that Flipkart is getting the QA rejected pieces and selling it cheap?

  7. same condition for me.flipkart is going to worst day by day

  8. anurag says:

    EBAY is the way to go,lovely site

  9. Avisek Ghosh says:

    same for me too:

    Update 3 on 14th November: Very very bad service from flipkart: Very disappoitining: sent wrong mobile (Lava IRIS 501) (Order ID: OD30802021212)

    Flipkart replied me on 1st November with the follwoing mail given below:

    They have confirmed though at the time of my purchase LAVA IRIS 501 was available with Jelly Bean ,they have sent an older stock (with ICS)
    model. They are now checking with vendor/brand how to resolve the issue.

    I am still awating flipkart’s reply!! Does it take 2 more weeks to come back with a reply.
    Also I could see that Flipkart replies only when I post something in Facebook.

    I am too tired of this tactics of flipkart and need some concrete reply.

    I want want a phone with the latest OS or a refund.

    From: Flipkart Customer Support
    Date: 1 November 2013 13:21
    Subject: OD30802021212 [Incident: 131024-009828]

    Dear Avisek,

    Greetings from Flipkart!

    This mail is further to the telephonic conversation we had a while ago.

    The concern raised with us earlier was that you had received a phone which had an ICS update,
    when you had paid in advance for a phone which had a Jelly bean OS.

    We received your concern on this over 2 months post the purchase and you have informed that you were abroad and this is raised after your return.

    We put this across to our team internally for an update. We have received an update informing that the workaround for this is that the mobile phone could be taken to authorized service centre and can be upgraded to Jelly bean OS free of cost.

    However, as this is unacceptable from your end and that the expectation set is you either want a phone with the latest OS or a refund.

    We are checking with our team internally on this and should be able to provide a further update. We request your kind cooperation in this regard and thank you for patience shown.
    2nd Update on 30th October 2013 : Very very bad service from flipkart: Very disappoitining:

    Hi team, I got a call on October 24th and was assured that I will get a call back in 2days.The person told that he will check with the back-end team and check why this mishap happened.I told that I am ready to send pictures of my packaged box with the IEMI number as a proof. He told that the pictures are not required. Today,nearly a week has passed, no further call/mail/post from flipkart!! I need a reply on (Order ID: OD30802021212) and your corrective action on this. I need the product as advertised on the website( Lava IRIS 501 with JB installed).I strongly object to sending me an older/different product (Lava iris 501 with ICS)! I am fine with to get the correct product (Lava IRIS 501 with JB) or a refund . But I want a reply /call/ from flipkart. I am really disappointed with this attitude. Inspite of this mishap,I have bought products from flipkart last week itself. I hope that flipkart truly gives service ,what it promises. But things like this ,just breaks my trust and faith.
    Update : 1 Initial problem psoted on 24th October 2013: Flipkart sends a wrong mobile phone (Lava IRIS 501) (Order ID: OD30802021212)

    Hi flipkart.comTeam,
    I have ordered Lava IRIS 501 (Order ID: OD30802021212) for a gift for my dad and have seen the information in your website that Lava IRIS 501 has got Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) OS. Thats the reason I ordered Lava IRIS 501. I was out of India when the delivery happened and came back to India last week itself. But when I check now the handset I found that you have sent Lava IRIS 501with older Android v4.0 (ICS) version only. This is a cheating from FLipkart. I ordered IRIS 501 because it has v4.1 (Jelly Bean) . You have put the same information in your website itself,but then why did you send a older set with ICS? If I would like to have an ICS model, I would taken a different mobile.I took IRIS 501 only for Jelly Bean.You are putting some info (JB) in your website but sending an older version (ICS). This is really pathetic service from Flipkart. I have bought so many things from Flipkart but never expected this type of service. My father didnot have knowledge of Android version like mine,so he couldnot find out.But as sson as I checked I could clearly see. I want a new handset IRIS 501 with Jelly Bean installed. I donot accept the older model of ICS you have sent to me! I want the same configuration which is being advertised in your website ,not a older model.
    Please take correct steps to sort this out.

  10. Deepika Singhal says:

    Flipkart filled your wallet with 1500/- Rs — That’s awesome. Did it ever occured to you that there could be some error with the seller publishing their price index, or maybe the seller was selling some faulty or knockoff version of the product and flipkart noticed it and therefore this mail was sent to you so that you don’t have to pay for a faulty/fake camera. Real issue would have been if you had been shipped a faulty/fake camera and flipkart refused to take it back. Just give it a thought.

  11. p.suresh says:

    plese cancel my odrer no:OD40524015519

  12. kero says:

    The first thing i bought frm flipkart was a video game controller,i received it but it had a slight opening below- they gave me a broken thing and did not provide me and this being the last,i ordered a mouse for rs 600,i was delivered a cheaper mouse priced rs 450, i called them around 10- 20 times for refund ,but weeks passed,no one came to take it bck.FLIPKART IS A ABSOLUTE CHEAT! DONT BUY FROM HERE,ITS BETTER TO NOT HAVE THT U WANT THAN TO LOSE UR MONEY TO A THIEF LIKE FLIPKART!!

  13. sgupta says:

    Even I am appalled by the poor service and pathetic order processing from Flipkart recently. They do not seem to know what is going on. The worst part is that their call center has absolutely zero sanctity. They say anything and give false promises..there is no written record/acknowledgement of the same. Would anyone have the email of the customer service head at flipkart?

  14. Abhimanyu Ghosh says:

    bought a Paco Rabanne XS Eau de Toilette – 100 ml (For Men) from flipkart paying 1987/- (order no. OD40721074863.)but surprised to find out its fake as i’ve been using paco since long time ,its like once you wear it on your cloths.. the fragrance stays till you wash your cloths off but the one I bought from flipkart doesn’t even work for an hour..its a bloody fake product and i requested them for money back and decided not to buy any perfume for there till i die !!! soo cheap… you poor flip !!

  15. AFLAH NAZER says:

    Absolutely true!!!! Same happened with me….

    First i ordered a MOTO g (1st gen) the phone i got a defective one and i replaced it. The replacement also had certain other problems… I argued for a refund and got it.. After a month. Sony Xperia ZR was priced too low at flipkart site compared to other sites and retail showrooms, so i planned to purchase it and ordered for a black one. I got a pink one instead of black, since in the invoice it was printed black i asked for replacement and they agreed. I got the replacement and the very next day it was not turning on… I understood i was cheated and when they sent me a replacement, i denied.. I argued for a refund and took my money back and never purchaced from flipfart again….


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