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April 21, 2014 by Rupesh

In last few years I have been observing (and learning) things around me. My working style is a reflection of that. I have had the opportunity to interact with many bright people including some top Educators, CEO’s, bureaucrats and some politicians too. I also have the opportunity to travel across length and breadth of India as well as few countries overseas for business purpose and otherwise. But what I see pains me terribly. I am talking about reputation of India (not Indians)

To give you an example, My Japanese Friends asked me once “Why is India so backward and poor when Indians are so smart and sharp ?” I was in loss of words then. 

As we all know General Elections are on. I see the politicians shouting and screaming across News Channels for putting across their points. I feel I now have the answer to the question of my Japanese Friend. 

The answer is simple – We the People. 

To put our low growth (development, education and bad health conditions) in form of an algorithm:

  1. First Create Rules inspired from dinosaurs age. Then selectively apply Rules to some. Punish the deserving and award the rule breakers. ‘We the People’ follow it all the time.
  2. Give huge amount of importance and attention to trivial things ( Religion, Caste, Community) and trivialise the merit (invention, entrepreneurship, art).
  3. If Someone still wriggles through this rotten system and makes name for himself or herself then Get him/her to follow Rule no 1 again.
  4. Repeat this in loop and due to continuous repetition over 60 + years, We the People have been habituated by this and also practise it religiously.

Why do I say this, because our leaders say this all the time. How? Lets see:

In Election held in 2014

Give Importance to :

  1. 1. Speak about Riots 2002, 1984, 1990 and speak about it all time. Give reactions and fresh rounds of debates and articles appear to make sure they remain an important issue. 
  2. Speak about religion all the time. Muslims and other minorities in India are made to feel important only during Elections Time that too by continuous provocation. I see the Imam’s, the Sikh Sardars The bishops and Hindu Leaders spit Venom during TV Interviews. 
  3. Then further divide on basis of Caste, Community and Religion.
  4. Announce schemes and showcase the work they have done to uplift (read: misuse them) them and other nonsensical stuff. On top of everything the politicians play vindictive tactics and remarks and counter remarks and remarks on counter remarks


  1. Growth, Employments, Economic Policies and Scaling Up Indian globally on Economic front. 
  2. How do we Unite the Country.
  3. Corruption and Scams

I strongly believe that India can never be a Super Power. Period, Why ?

First of all we speak so many different languages and are divided so deeply on basis of caste, religion and communities. I haven’t seen a single developed country where they speak so many languages or are so divided. It’s no rocket science when the wise say “United we stand and Divided we fall”. 

– Secondly, our leaders who ‘We the People’ choose. Let me tell you Politicians are no dumb people. They are much sharper and educated then a common joe. But they will never talk specific or about their vision for growth in India because if they do then they will be accountable for overall development and not religion or case centric parameters. It’s their convenience after all and ‘We the People’ fall for it. 

Since Parliamentary Elections are all about Central Govt and Prime Minister, this is what I observe:

Leaders like Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi have never proved their credibility. It’s like an entrepreneur going to a VC asking for 100 million dollars just on basis of a fictitious PowerPoint presentations. Looking at APP and its antics I feel how foolish ‘We the People’ are. Arvind Kejriwal asks for donation and support and act like a revolutionary. I feel its like asking ‘Let me learn and succeed in Politics’ at Nation’s cost. He has done that already on expense of Delhi. Rahul Gandhi is like ‘Born with royal spoon’ , Cambridge Educated and still struggle to tie show laces. But ‘ We the People’ still look at them for solving our problems. I wonder who stopped Rahul Gandhi to become a PM and exhibit brilliance which he speaks about or Arvind Kejriwal to serve Delhi for 5 years. 

However, I see one leader Mr. Narendra Modi who doesn’t speak such language. I haven’t build my opinion on TV/News shows or Advertisement but only after my short interaction with him. 


During my 5-7 minutes short chit-chat with him I did observe:

  1. He Works like an efficient CEO of Fortune 500 company which means award on merits, push for improvement and fire or dismiss the stupid and lazy. 
  2. He Talks about India. Haven’t heard anything coming out of his mouth directly on politics or caste yet. Have You ? Remember ‘Chak De India’ scene where players are told to introduce themselves – He says Nation First, Party Second and Individual 3rd.
  3. Has absolutely 0 links on corruption or scams . Even his toughest critics can’t cry foul.
  4. Has Proved himself from the lowest level and shown signs of exuberant leadership over his 12+ years as Chief Minister of a state.

I feel Narendra Modi isn’t running for 5 years but 10-15 years, because he has the vision of putting India truly on the Global Map. He clearly wants to be as big in stature like Obama or a powerful Global Leader if not more. 

Friends, I feel we should put forth our political views (but with rationale) and Vote with some logic in head. Please do not waste your vote. Change begins with oneself as we all know.  My Vote goes for Mr. Narendra Modi. Frankly I don’t care about BJP much because if the leader is good then the system is automatically good. If What I see is what i believe, then only this guy has the balls to get India back on track.

Let us touch base again on May 16th 2014. 

I am leaving you with a video – Rupesh


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