Drop that “I” word


October 19, 2014 by Rupesh




a feeling that makes one self-conscious and unable to act in a relaxed and natural way.

Sometimes amidst the chaos of starting up, I feel very fortunate to be a Founding CEO of a growing startup. I feel this way because of the exposure I receive from everyday life. I truly think and would like to believe that I wouldn’t have learned a fraction of what I experienced if I was working in some other setup.

So whats the big deal about exposure? If I need to summarise in 2 words — ‘Dropping Inhibitions’. In simple words – To do away with mental blocks. 

Lets take the most common example: Some people who don’t (or do) drink alcohol or smoke find it difficult to understand the mindset of other person, or someone who dresses more flamboyantly in a different place or vacation spot than their regular place, or someone who follows a set of traditions when at home and don’t give a fuck about them in other place. These are inhibitions and mental block is the barrier which compels us to follow them.

I mean all of us would have had some thoughts or inhibitions which we overcame when we started interacting more with the outside world even faster if its out of comfort zone.

I was born and bought up in a Tier 3 city, currently residing in Mumbai and have travelled to few countries in world. It fascinates me to see different sets of inhibitions which people have at different level and see them drop those at different stages of life.

I have no hesitation in saying people whom I consider successful are the ones with least inhibitions and they got rid of them sooner in their life than their peers. Some wait for an experience to get rid of a mental block and some rely on others experience.  Exposure (and travel) is the key. Think of it this way, There are two paths in life: Should and Must. We arrive at this crossroads over and over again. And each time, we get to choose. The ‘should’ is the inhibition and ‘must’ is the way beyond it.

Let me take a very crass example: A girl who was brought up in a conservative setting town might not have often seen girls in bikini or strangers hugging each other often. The same girl goes to a metro (a relatively more developed town) and find few of the so called ‘taboo’ things to be normal and shrugs some of her inhibitions. The same girl goes to New York and sees a free culture and shrugs some more of her inhibitions and now finds most of her thoughts to be of that of stone age. What changed? Nothing, just her exposure. What did she miss on? Life— Because of the opinions she had or developed. Imagine if she would have overcome these inhibitions in her native town itself she would have so much more to think and explore about.


Now How do you drop your inhibitions. No self-help shit but I ll share 5 tips from my day-to-day observations

  1. Ask yourself this question every day “When you decide to look for your dream in daily life, where do you go ?”
  2. Don’t be judgmental about things you don’t like. In fact Try each one out and  at least 5 times.
  3. Hangout with people who are more progressive, open-minded and different then you are. The ones who make you feel uncomfortable.
  4. Have unlimited patience with your passion.
  5. Create and share with an open heart

People often ask this stupid question – What is Creativity?

Well, I read 2 best definitions of Creativity by Austin Kleon:

“Creativity is not a talent, but way of operating”“Creativity is subtraction”. 

The subtraction are those stupid opinions.

So go on try out the new dress, the wine, publish your thoughts, dance with friends, present to public whenever you can, make friends with other nationalities, travel to atleast 5 countries (across 2-3 continents), hug &kiss more often, smoke marijuna, love, if you fail love again and eventually make all of them a part of your lifestyle.

Or cook that new recipe. Or re build your car. Draw caricatures of your thoughts. Just drop whatever you’re working on and do something totally random, totally different, and totally non-stressful. The brain is a funny thing – it often freezes up under pressure and then, when you’re least expecting it, starts churning out solutions to whatever thorny problems are holding things up. Ironically, letting go of that fucking inhibition is sometimes the only way to solve it.

Take Care,


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  1. Chris Henry says:

    One of the best Sunday reading ! I recommend

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