11 Bizarre Things that relatives say to a 26-30 year old, Indian, single Marwari (and startup guy) and to his parents

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November 1, 2014 by Rupesh

11 Bizarre and annoying things relatives say to a 26-30 year old Indian, single Marwari (and startup) guy and to his parents:

1.  Mithai (sweets) kab khila rahe ho? We want to party and dance #and-for-your-party&sweets-i-should-get-doomed-right?

2.  You will never get married ever if you cross 30 as all good-looking girls we know are already booked #really #pls -why-dont-start-your-marriage-bureau-soon,

3.  I am sure (wow) You must be having an affair. Tell us and we will help (read as ‘screw you further’) by taking it forward to your parents. (When He says no then they think it’s some sort of an apocalypse) What you are not even dating someone? (as if) Then how come you are single?

4.  To his Parents – I saw his pic in FB hugging a girl and holding hands with her and all (Haww!). Congratulations, When did he get engaged #satynash. He has become too hi-fi it seems ! #I-mean-really-for-heaven-sake?

5.  Get engaged and then take as much as time you want to (as if). Do you want to try live in? #Oh-Cmon-i-know-this-shit

6.  You will grow to become an old father and won’t have quality time for your child (simply illogical, What’s the rationale folks?)

7.  Even we got married when we were 21-24 yrs old, so its going to be fine! Don’t worry, You will get settled (somehow) #For-Heaven-sake-that-was-a-different-generation-altogether


8.  You need to get some home cooked food and live a better lifestyle. How long do you think of surviving like this. She will get your life organised (By that logic I better hire a maid and a cook instead and what is this getting organised shit)

9.  Don’t be so choosy. Do you want a Aishwarya Rai or some Hur ki parri (a fairy queen) what ? (Everyone seem to be obsessed with Miss Rai)


10.  I know my cousin sister’s friend’s daughter’s friend. Baat chalao? (shall we go ahead and talk). You can meet her once and decide if you want to get married to her ( I mean How on the earth can someone be so far-sighted to decide in like one meeting ?)

11.  Beta, Being Gay is in fashion. Are you one? #iski-toh-**

Enjoy Reading, Rupesh

(GIFs images are for Fun, No offence guys)


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