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Rupesh InOpen - Corporate BBC Video

I never believed that World is an ugly place. All my life, I had a choice of Optimism and despair. I chose being Positive. Its simple — Be weird. Be happy. Be grateful. Be positive. Have less inhibitions.

Hey I am Rupesh !

20 something. I am the CEO & Co-Founder at InOpen . Also a Computer Science Engineer. Now teaching Computers to School Students.

My passion lies in leveraging quality content and technology for Education. Love for Open Source. My background helps me to lead InOpen’s efforts towards creating educational solutions that focus on creating content which has universally acceptability. I love my Startup and live every moment of it. Hobbies include fiddling with my piano and my gadgets. I Love cooking to core and lover for street food.  More about my start-up can be seen here .

Why Chicken Entrepreneur ? Well 2 years ago I was invited to speak at SP Jain MBA college in Andheri, Mumbai. The gentleman speaking ahead of me was stating that how  entrepreneurs who start at 23- 24 years of age loose steam and chicken out. He called them chicken entrepreneurs. The next turn was me. I was 23. I happily embraced the the tag since then. I love to meet and chat with chicken entrepreneurs like me

Btw, I am from Siliguri (foothills to Darjeelling) 🙂

For me I am in midst of an an adventure which has just begun.I have promised to make it amazing everyday.

Left planning for ‘self’ years ago. Always thought it was important to let universe surprise me. Radio for the same reason always appealed to me.

Official Bio (Copy-paste) can be downloaded from here . I can be reached out at rupesh@inopen.in

I can also be found on the following social networks :



7 thoughts on “About Me !

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  2. Shrirang Peshwe says:

    i am a tutor 7 8 ,9, 10
    i wish your association
    kindly convey if any

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  4. yogesh kr srivastav says:

    i have seen ur journey of success, it really motivating for every person who is having dream of entrepreneur. really impressive.
    sir contact me , if any kind of support required in Rajasthan.. i will be a pleasure for me .
    yogesh kr. srivastav
    email: yogesh.ksrivastav@gmail.com

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Beautiful short trip to North East. Could only manage Meghalaya this time. The white outside the hotel room is clouds (yes). Cherapunji is beautiful as always Family is here. Miss u @mohinisgupta Little sister's sangeet :-) Remember Ratatouille ! Saw this movie for the first time (I am a late bloomer) and couldn't resist  cooking this beautiful French dish. Novice attempt in plating it the movie way #ratatouille #firstattempt Hills of Mahabaleshwar. Beautiful Sahyadri. Sunrise this morning :-) Watched Padmavati under Police Protection in Bombay. Its a rare occurrence for Bollywood movies, when you are blown away by its sheer cinematic experience and extravaganza. The brilliant portrayal of the satanic madness of Alauddin Khalji, the valour of Rajput King Maharaja Rawal Ratan Singh and the dignified grit of Rani Padmani of Mewar has blown my mind away.  The story telling and the visual feast presented by the grandmaster Sanjay L Bhansali has certainly taken Bollywood to another level. The sheer courage of Rajputs and their pride gives you a glimpse of the spectacular land Mewar once was. The portrayal of Rajputs if nothing would compel you to tell stories about their culture and braveness. 
Hats of to the magician Bhansali is. New York Cheese Cake & a lazy Saturday Morning :-) Board meet for KJ Soumaya Management college. The idea is to build a healthy eco system to foster entrepreneurship among management graduates as well as interested alumni. Always glad & excited to be a part of Academia
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